Heaven On A Half Shell
Jeff Naideau
Altered Records
The keyboard work on all the tracks is first-rate. .. gritty style and diverse range of skills…the cut that "shines" above all the others is . . . take a guess . . . "Shine." If ever a single track deserved to be a breakout hit, this is it. It's the one with the catchy choral harmony you might walk out of the concert venue singing or humming.
- Dean Shapiro, Offbeat Magazine

Heaven On A Half Shell
Jeff Naideau
Altered Records
The piano player delivers a hot and funky stew, mixing New Orleans style traditional blues, and rhythm and blues. The band gets so low down on the title cut that I half expected a stripper to walk through the door
Bill Berry, WWOZ 90.7 FM New Orleans

A small masterpiece, Sweet Marie sounds like Dr. John meets Randy Newman…Best New Orleans piano I've heard in years
- Ben Vanhoegaerden, Rootstown Music

Shine - Incorporating a variety of musical styles into his repertoire, Jeff Naideau's Shine efficiently floats between straight-ahead blues ("Times Like These"), bayou-influenced R&B ("Sweet Marie"), and familiar strains of American folk-rock("Nothing Inside"). By defying strict categorization, Naideau confidently manages to successfully tread the delicate line between having a broad musical vision and maintaining a singular and unique artistic expression of his own.
---Nordic Downloadable Music Site

Naideau and his band are extremely competent at crafting this sort of piano and saxophone-laden rock (often injecting it with more than a little blues, check this one out. -- gz , splendidezine


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